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May 14, 2018

Synergy 2018: Highlights, Winners, Events

Our Favorite Post-Event Synergy Highlights


As expected, we had a great time at Citrix Synergy this year! As a Citrix Ready Partner for 20 years, we know Citrix. In our last blog post, we mentioned we were most excited about seeing our partners and customers, listening to the keynote speakers, and giving away lots of cool tech and gear. So how do we feel afterwards? We were right, all of those things made for a great event. But in addition to that, it was great to meet so many new faces and to make new and meaningful connections. So here's our breakdown of the week: file-3-019452-edited


Keynote Condoleezza Rice

“Technology is not good or bad. It’s neutral. The question is how it is applied. Sometimes innovation in technology is not matched by wisdom,” Dr. Condoleezza Rice said in her keynote speech. Life is intersectional, which was a key theme throughout Rice's presentation. Framed by her childhood experiences and background as an African American woman growing up in the South, to becoming the first woman National Security Advisor, Rice's life is an unparalleled example of leadership and activism. Touching on everything from education, faith, technology, politics, cybersecurity and human potential, Rice's offered an insightful and engaging keynote speech. With available technology, not always matched by human wisdom, where do we go from here? According to Rice, with cooperation between the government and the Private Sector, we will be just fine. Read Rice's Biography Here.


Keynote Michael Lewis

Bestselling Author Michael Lewis provided unique insight into the shifting world of technology and the human element in innovation, with emphasis as it relates to baseball. Author of The Blind Side, Flash Boys, The Big Short, and Moneyball, Lewis has been very successful in his writing career after quitting his job on Wall Street. "Data gives you answers to questions you didn’t even know there were answers to," Lewis said in his keynote speech. Through a series of examples and comedic stories, Lewis drew attention to parallels where humans and data coincide and collide. The ultimate conclusion, according to Lewis, is that analytics must be used to make intelligent decisions. Without data, people are simply making intuitive judgements, and as the data ironically shows, those judgements are flawed. Read more about Michael Lewis here




This year at Synergy, we brought our a-game. Loaded with backpacks, water bottles, T-shirts, koozies, screen cleaners, candy, a Nintendo 2DS, a Raspberry Pi, a UtechSmart gaming mouse, an Anker Power Core 10,00, an Apple HomePod, and more, we had tons of fun throwing prizes at everyone we could! 


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Partners, Customers, and New Faces


Year after year, we find that it is truly the people that make Citrix Synergy a great event. We love being able to catch up with customers, talk tech with the sponsors, reconnect with partners, and meet new attendees. Thank you to all who came out to the show, and a huge thank you to Citrix for putting on another great Synergy. If you missed us at Synergy, you can contact us here, or download our latest Citrix Data Sheet to learn how Tricerat + Citrix are better together. 

Read the Data Sheet


We are already looking forward to another great Citrix Synergy show in 2019!

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