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April 23, 2020

Supporting a Better Client and Vendor Relationship

Every IT team supports their end users by using the best tools at their disposal, but who supports the IT team? As outside software vendors are brought in to address challenges within an environment, they become the support for IT teams. In a world with thousands of software solutions, it’s critical to understand how you fit within a client’s environment. With today’s landscape it’s important to stay agile and available for your customers when they need you.

SLA’s and service contracts are needed in order to hold the vendor accountable for the level of support they provide. As a software vendor it’s important to understand and remember that our clients are an extension of our team, and ambassadors for our products. While many vendors put together service contracts and stick within the strict parameters for that support, we think there’s something to be said about nurturing the client/vendor relationship.  

A Challenging Opportunity

Being agile in adjusting to our clients’ needs is critical to our success as a company and as a sales team. When an existing customer came to us with a big challenge, we jumped in right away to help instead of sending to them to our support phone/email contact page. They called asking for assistance integrating 2 IT environments together after being acquired by a larger firm. With an influx of several thousand new users, it was critical for their team to ensure that printing was widely available to their new co-workers.

Combining 2 environments can be a huge undertaking for any IT team. The team needs to make sure all employees can print within the scope of their current environment as well as be able to integrate, test, and deploy dozens of apps. After one hour, we were able to install and deploy Tricerat’s printing solution for the client’s incoming users. We were able to meet our client’s needs as they changed with our flexibility. The challenge for their team was to ensure that all the pieces, including the printing solution provided by Tricerat, were deployed in a timely manner and without issue.

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The straight forward nature of the installation process was a big contributor to ensuring that the client was able to get the software up and running. In addition, our admin console provides clarity and makes it easy for admins to assign printers and access printer settings. This allows admins to spend less time at the install stage, and more time working on integrating their mission critical applications into their environment.

Beyond software

At Tricerat, we pride ourselves on having a consultative approach with existing clients as well as potential new clients. With such a wide array of software and software vendors out there, having flexible, easy to use software is only one piece of the puzzle. Your company deserves a vendor team willing to be agile and flexible in responding to customer needs. That is the true recipe for organizational success, and those pillars are what Tricerat stands on.  

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