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April 5, 2023

Seamless Printing for Healthcare Citrix Deployments

The healthcare industry prints in large volumes and has specific security needs to maintain. Whether it’s the fear of a spooler crash or maintaining HIPAA compliance, ScrewDrivers® from Tricerat can help your organization print smarter.

Print Management for Healthcare

There are few organizations more complex than those in healthcare. Your system houses large volumes of medical record data and has a varied user base including doctors, nurses, administration, HR, volunteers, and more. We believe it’s better to get it all from one solution. That’s why we offer enterprise print management on the go, enabling users to print from any device, in any location, to any printer. 

Avoid HIPAA Issues While Printing

HIPAA violation fines can be up to $250,000, not including victim restitution, with jail time possible. For this reason, your healthcare clinic or hospital won’t even consider any type of technology or solution that may lead to HIPAA compliance issues. We’re here to put your mind at ease. You won’t need to worry about these violations when you use ScrewDrivers for your printing needs.

We help you adhere to HIPAA by protecting all data — even from our own team! We don’t see any sensitive patient information. All data goes from user to printer, without a middleman or second set of eyes. Our system keeps track of usernames, but we’re not touching data in any meaningful way. This means you have one less touchpoint to be concerned with.

Simple, Secure, and Scalable Printing for Healthcare. Patient care is your priority. Simplifying your printing is ours. Download your guide here!

ScrewDrivers Functionality With Citrix

When out-of-the-box functionality doesn’t fit, ScrewDrivers and Citrix work better together. As a Citrix Ready Partner for 25+ years, Tricerat has pioneering print technology that helps you to achieve printing success, no matter the client type or mobile device your workforce is on. IT administrators can focus on higher-level tasks, freeing up company resources and offering a quick ROI.

ScrewDrivers allows you to manage your enterprise printing from a single drag-and-drop console. Our console enables printers to be automatically assigned after installation, which means no more scripting or GPOs involved for your organization’s print management. Additionally, you can maintain access to all advanced print features of the native print driver, without installing drivers on all machines. This functionality is a major time saver for IT teams.

Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers can also support remote and hybrid employees who might not always be on site. ScrewDrivers gives users access to the printers they need, when they need them. Administrators can assign printers based on location, profile, or workstation so end users are always able to print.

Seamless printing allows end users to be more productive by cutting down on print-related frustration and time spent trying to print. Improving printing workflows goes a long way to empowering and enhancing Citrix Workspace deployments, as well. ScrewDrivers also reduces the volume of print-related help desk tickets for IT admins, which frees administrators’ time to focus on high-impact issues.

To learn more about ScrewDrivers, visit Tricerat at the Citrix Ready Partner booth #674 at HIMSS23 where you can see our solution in action. And learn more about Tricerat on the Citrix Ready website.

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