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May 6, 2022

How to Ensure a Successful Remote Printer Setup

Remote printing can mean many things, from printing for remote users to printing at remote sites. Either way, you will need to ensure successful remote printer setup, and there are many factors that are involved.

For Remote Users

Security – Regardless if remote end users are printing sensitive information or not, security is paramount. When end users are printing from home, are their print jobs secure? Printers are, after all, an endpoint, and that’s a fact that is often overlooked when it comes to endpoint security. There are many ways to ensure your remote printer is secure. ScrewDrivers® by Tricerat uses TLS 1.2 encryption that will secure your print jobs end to end.

Printer Compatibility - Is the printer your user bought from their Big Box store of choice compatible with your organization’s VDI or Server OS? In today’s world of remote work, it’s extremely important to be as compatible as possible with as many printers as possible. With ScrewDriver’s universal virtual print driver, you can ensure that your user will not have any issues with compatibility.

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For Remote Sites

Performance – It’s important to take bandwidth at remote sites into account. Does it make sense for a site with a 5MB link to send every print job to the central print server in the HQ datacenter when printing in a workstation scenario? While print servers are great at centralizing your print processing and rendering, don’t forget about your smaller remote sites. For these smaller remote sites, it may make more sense to use direct IP printing since print jobs will go directly to the local printer instead of going to the HQ print server and back.

Print Server Centralization – Sometimes it’s necessary to have an extra print server at certain sites for performance reasons. If this is your case, it's much easier to manage all your print servers from one window. With ScrewDrivers administration, all print management is centralized within one easy to use, drag-and-drop console, thus ensuring ease of use and management of multiple print servers.

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