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April 21, 2017

Reduce and Reuse with Simplify Printing TX

You have definitely witnessed it. You may even be guilty of it (by accident of course). The good news? Your organization can do something about it...but what is 'it?' Paper waste. Think about the last time you walked by your copy room. did you notice the large recycle receptacle sitting next to the printer? That's there for a reason, and the reason is printer error. It happens all the time. 24-page reports are sent to the wrong location, this week's numbers printed double-sided when they shouldn't have been, incorrectly configured drivers sending the document you need *in 3 minutes* out to the fuzzy abyss, where chances are, you'll never see it again.

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Tricerat can help your organization 'go green' with printing solutions that minimize waste. With Tricerat’s Simplify Printing TX mobile printing system, you won’t have to run around the office searching for your lost print job or spend all day on the phone with the poor IT guy trying to configure your device to the network. Instead, you can remotely access any printer from any device. Plus, it works whether you’re in the office, at home or on the road.

Simplify Printing TX allows you to enhance your IT environment with native printing from any virtual or mobile source. Simplify Printing TX supports Microsoft Windows, Remote Desktop RDP, VDI, Citrix XenApp, Mac OS X, iOS and Android environments and any printer. This includes agentless printing with integration to Google Cloud Print, enhanced iOS printing, and full connectivity and compatibility with Bonjour printers. Gain the ability to print from any device to any printer - securely, reliably and quickly.

Never print to the wrong location again.

Simplify Printing TX's features allow for simple, consistent mobile printing:

  • Follow Me Printing - Printer and printer settings follow users regardless of the type of device they are using.
  • Guest Printing - Allow users to share their office printers with visitors. No admin intervention or network access required.
  • Pause & Release Printing - Initiate print jobs from a desktop then release the job from a mobile device once at the printer’s location.
  • Proximity Printing - Grant users instant access to the closest printer based on their physical location using IP addresses.
  • Secure Print Queue for iOS - Users can share any print job securely via a mobile app.
  • Agentless Printing - Integrate with Google Cloud Print and allow users to print without installing an agent on their mobile device.
  • BYOD Printing - Recognize and configure Mac OS, iOS, Android or Windows devices to your company’s networked printers with no driver installation required.
  • Native Printing - Users can print directly from device or business applications. There’s no need to load files into printer software or up to the cloud in order to print.

Reducing paper waste by streamlining the printing process and cutting down on printer error isn’t just green; it’s smart. This spring, turn your office into an environmentally friendly and cost-conscious zone. Use traditional methods of paper conservation as well as exciting new technologies to save money while saving the planet.

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