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July 22, 2022

Simplify Printer Mapping with ScrewDrivers®

Print mapping or printer mapping refers to a traditional form of printer setup and installation. Admins assign or "map" designated network printers to certain users or devices, enabling users to send print jobs to that specific printer. Despite its name, print mapping doesn't offer users clear directions to get their document from the computer onto paper. In fact, print mapping has major flaws: it's difficult for end users to handle themselves and creates an enormous workload for admins. And even then, print mapping policies tend to crash without warning or explanation, bringing operations to a grinding halt.


How Does It Work?

For complex environments or large organizations with hundreds or even thousands of end users and a variety of permission levels, printer mapping can be a major headache for admins, as well as major time-consuming task. Configuring printers is a never-ending process, complicated by issues like budget constraints, hybrid network environments, and security.

Printer mapping requires significant configuration, all of which must be handled by admins, and often requires them to manually add printers to each user's desktop. In theory, any user that logs into the system will then be able to use that printer. But the workload involved to accomplish that goal is substantial. Any change of device, from desktop to printer, represents hours of work for admins.

Restrictive Management Capabilities

Even when setup is complete, management of mapped printers is anything but straightforward. Admins must set up group policies to manage print permissions and preconfigured settings for all their users, and keep in mind that could be hundreds or thousands. Because the admin has complete control, users can't address any issues that may arise or printers that do not work correctly. All errors must be referred to IT, inevitably leading to significant handholding for users and a flurry of low-level help desk tickets that are sure to consume your admins’ time that could be spent on more important projects.

How To Achieve Successful Printer Mapping ScrewDrivers

The time-saving power of ScrewDrivers comes from the simple methods of printer mapping. Admins can create dynamic, intelligent printer mapping quickly and easily, while users get the benefits of the right printer available to them when they need it. Image files can be added to your database and printers can be assigned via a simple edit and save function, saving valuable time for your admins.

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