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April 22, 2016

Meet Murphy: Tricerat's Chief People Person

  Murphy Baker - AVP of Human Resources

Meet Murphy. Murphy is the AVP of Human Resources on the administrative team here at Tricerat. Murphy works hard each day to make sure her fellow 'Triceratons' are set up for success. Murphy joined the Tricerat team after studying community health education and promotion at East Carolina University. While working her first job out of college, she quickly moved to the human resources department-- we suspect her move had something to do with her sunny disposition and incredible people skills-- and has found a career with it ever since. What inspires her? Her two older sisters who act as her guiding lights and role models, and two comedic nephews and spunky niece. 

What types of things are you responsible for at Tricerat?

  • Payroll, benefits, personnel administration. First and foremost, I have to take care of my people!
  • Recruiting. The amazing team here also helps with these efforts and we take it seriously. Our people are our company.
  • Fostering a collaborative and fun environment. By the smiles in this office, I’d say we are doing something right!

Three objects on your desk…

  • Pictures of my nephews and niece. Their sweet faces make every day a great day!
  • Candy jar. Sometimes you just need a piece of chocolate to give you that extra push for the day. Believe it or not, this jar has helped me learn a lot about the people I work with and the guests that come into the office. It cultivates conversation. Conversation is good!
  • Water. I have to have my water. The bigger the bottle the better!

The first device you reach for in the morning…

Naturally, my cell phone…it wakes me up! I do my best to only make that reach once and to swipe, not tap. It’s all too easy to tap the snooze, but as a wise man once said, “If you start the morning hitting the snooze button, you’ve started your day procrastinating,” and I remind myself of this each and every morning!

After arriving at Tricerat in the morning, my first stop is…

Coffee, unless I brought it from home then right into the email I go.

Any milestones with Tricerat?

I have been working with Tricerat for 5 ½ years and I have to say, my greatest accomplishment is helping to build this awesome team! Recruiting isn't easy, attracting top talent can be challenging. We’ve done a great job at building a fantastic team and we are proud of the employees we have on board.

I leave work each day knowing I have ____________ for my team and clients…

Improved everything I have touched.

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?

There are a lot of moving parts in my role. Some are more complex and challenging than others. I love it though. Keeps me on my toes, keeps me learning and keeps me in the know about what is going on around our organization. I am a strategic partner, an employee advocate, and a change mentor. In between all that comes the administrative responsibility as well.

What holiday or event is your favorite to celebrate at Tricerat?

Our annual holiday party. I love our holiday parties! Not only do we get to see each other dressed to the nines, but we also get a chance to mingle with the significant others in our lives. Any event filled with great people, delicious food, tasty drinks, music, and dancing is a win in my book!

Which Tricerat product is your favorite and why?

Simplify Printing TX. It is a mobile printing solution. Mobile is the way everything is going. As the world gets more complex some things do not need to…like printing from a mobile device.

If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, who would be at the table?

My maternal grandparents and my mother. I would give anything for my mom to be able to spend one last meal with her parents, and for me to be part of that would be a dream come true. They are special people, all three of them. These three amigos took care of me in my last few years of high school, and quite honestly still do in spirit. How amazing would it be to have them all around one table one last time so I could thank them for inspiring me to do my best, to be respectful and appreciative, for teaching me to find good in others, to not sweat the small stuff, and to make the best of every situation. Live. Laugh. Love…and be Irish!

Any last words?

You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person. Be kind. Be true. Be the best part of people’s day!

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