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July 30, 2021

Ensuring Secure Remote Printing with ScrewDrivers

Operations of businesses and organizations have been forever changed. Some employees are heading back to the office, while others prefer to remain hybrid or fully remote. This creates obvious challenges for IT teams that are tasked with keeping their organization's data secure, especially when it comes to secure remote printing. 

In a world where folks are logging into cloud environments, it’s easier than ever to intercept data in transit. So that means it’s more important than ever that the technology used ensures the security of the print data stream, leading to more secure printing. When it comes to secure remote printing, there are some basic questions to ask: 

  • Who has access to printers?
  • Do they have access to the right ones?
  • Do they have access to more than they should?

The wrong printer assignment could mean sensitive data being printed in the wrong part of the building or campus, which could easily lead to a data breach depending on the document printed. This becomes a more common problem with more end users working remotely and having a greater chance to have the wrong printer assignment. Viewing printer assignments and management from a security perspective is often overlooked, but it is a critical aspect in keeping your data secure. 

Accurate reports are a key part of any good security strategy so that they can be examined for irregularities. Given the sensitive nature of some print jobs, print job reporting can become an important tool for keeping sensitive data safe, and keeping users accountable. 

Watch How to Assign Printers with ScrewDrivers®

So how does Tricerat ScrewDrivers address these questions?

  1. When it comes to securing your print data stream, ScrewDrivers utilizes TLS 1.2 protocol end to end. 
  2. In order to control printer assignments and ensure all assignments are correct, ScrewDrivers utilizes a granular approach to print assignment through the use of Active Directory and custom assignment strategies. 
  3. For reporting, ScrewDrivers can report on any aspect of a print job, from the document name, to the username that printed it. This helps our customers understand if their users are printing things they should not be. 

The combination of these solutions, all within Tricerat ScrewDrivers, ensures that your organization has secure remote printing in place, so you can work knowing that your data is safe. 

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