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January 8, 2016

IT Time Episode 2: Meet Healthcare IT Expert, Christian Boucher

Meet Healthcare IT Expert, Christian Boucher

This most recent installment of the Tricerat IT podcast, IT Time features Christian Boucher, Director of Healthcare Solutions at Citrix. During this episode, we’re discussing how EMR applications and mobility initiatives are pushing healthcare facilities to expand their use cases for VDI solutions. Christian’s extensive healthcare IT background made him the perfect sounding board for our team— previously we had discussed VDI as a concept, so we were especially excited to apply it in the context of what we believe to be a rapidly growing IT market. Learn more about Christian here, and see some of his latest work here.

As a Citrix architect with admin experience, Christian’s unique take on the benefits and obstacles of rolling out Citrix cross-platform content as well as VDI adoption is invaluable.

“If It’s Not Easy, They’re Not Going To Use It”

The reality of the healthcare IT industry is that it’s not the more important aspect of what the practitioners do each day, unlike other industries, technology takes a back seat to the care and wellbeing of the patient. Healthcare workers, like many others are looking for simple, reliable technologies and system solutions that streamline their process and protect their valuable patient data. Hospitals and small practices are concerned with the same basics we’re finding across the board: security, reliability, mobility, and remote access.

The Takeaway?

VDI is growing in adoption and there is virtually nothing standing in the way of the growth. We need to get simple, reliable solutions into the hands of healthcare workers so that they can offer better care to their patients. Easy use, easy adoption!

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