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May 20, 2022

Seven Industries Made More Efficient via Smarter Printing

Chances are pretty good that your daily life doesn’t look anything like it did a few years ago. Your alarm is on your smartphone, not a clock on your nightstand. You ask Siri or Alexa what the weather is going to be for the day instead of waiting for the local weatherman to tell you. You scroll through the daily news on your tablet or phone, never even picking up a newspaper. Driving to work, your car tells you the fastest route and exactly how many miles you can go before you need to stop for gas. Maybe you no longer have a commute to work at all, because you now work entirely from your home office!

With all of these tech advancements making your daily life so much easier, why would you still print the same way you did years ago? If you are still using out-of-date technology, it’s time you see what a high-tech partner for the modern workplace can do for you.

Nowhere is this concept more prevalent than in the rise of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). This type of investment is exploding across almost all industries! Virtual desktop infrastructure is a desktop virtualization technology that allows a data center to run and maintain a desktop operating system. The virtual desktop picture is supplied to an endpoint device, meaning a mobile device or standard PC, over the network. It allows the user to interact with the operating system and its apps as if they were running locally. And all companies should make sure to have a printing and scanning solution to go with their VDI.

No matter your IT setup— Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Azure, a traditional workstation, or a hybrid – Tricerat ScrewDrivers® removes barriers from your workflow and leads to much higher efficiency, all through an easy to use drag and drop console.

At Tricerat, we offer modern printing solutions for any IT environment. If you’re wondering what solutions we offer your industry, we’re excited to let you know that we’ve just created a new, in-depth guide to how ScrewDrivers leads to more efficiency in the following industries: healthcare, education, technology, manufacturing, nonprofit, finance, and legal.

Below are some highlights of what’s included in the guide:

Healthcare: Printing Solutions for Hospitals & Clinics

  • Reduce Complexity
  • Avoid HIPPA Issues
  • Meet & Exceed Expectations
  • Increase Reliability 

Education: Printing Solutions for Districts, Schools, and Universities

  • Faculty & Students – Two Needs, Two Printing Networks
  • Print in Privacy
  • Cut Costs

Technology: Printing Solutions for Outsourced IT Departments & Apps

  • Flexible Approach is Perfect for Third-Party IT Departments
  • Hosted Applications to Ease Workflows
  • Seamless Integration – Your Infrastructure, Your Way

Manufacturing: Printing Solutions for Facilities & Factories

  • Automation – 24/7/365
  • Never Lose Time or Restart a Batch
  • Flexibility that Fits Your Current System

Nonprofit: Printing Solutions for Charities & Nonprofit Organizations

  • Scale With Ease
  • Simple to Run, Even with a Small IT Team

Finance: Printing Solutions for Banks, Mortgage Brokers, and Financial Institutions

  • Large Documents are No Problem
  • Never Lose Precious Time or Restart a Batch
  • Ease of Use – For Anyone and Everyone

Legal: Printing Solutions for Firms, Courthouse, and Other Entities

  • Secure Printing for Sensitive Information
  • Drastically Reduced Printing Time on Large Documents

No matter which of these seven industries you’re in, the last thing you need is to add another application to stay on-task, compliant, and productive! We’re here to clear away the clutter, from your printing and from your workday in general.

Click below to download the full guide and learn how Tricerat ScrewDrivers can lead to greater efficiency for your organization through smarter printing!

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The Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Print Management
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