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April 5, 2016

Eric Musgrave on Virtualized Infrastructures - Expert Interview Series

Eric Musgrave Vice President, Research & Development

 "In most organizations these days, there are two groups of employees. There are those who have embraced social media and mobility, and those who have not. A good mobile app must service both groups by being easy enough to use for the latter but also have enough features to satisfy the former. If an app can accomplish that, it can bridge the gap between the two disconnected groups of people. Without that, you will end up with a major disconnect in your communication and likely have multiple workflows for every task."

So says Eric Musgrave, the vice president of research and development at Tricerat. With a background in software engineering and experience in the game industry, Eric has been working at Tricerat for the past 14 years, developing solutions to common IT and virtualization issues. He recently spoke with us about many aspects of the development and reliability of a virtualized infrastructure that's important to all businesses.

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