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April 12, 2021

Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance Helps Organizations Navigate Remote Work

We are so excited to announce that Tricerat has joined the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance alongside nine other leading tech companies in the IT space! The newly launched alliance aims to help organizations navigate remote and hybrid work by simplifying the evaluation of digital workspace technology. By educating others with unbiased, specific definitions of various technologies involved in digital workspaces, organizations can focus on tasks that are actually important! 

What does 'digital workspace' actually mean?  

Digital workspace is a term that organizations have been throwing around a lot lately due to an increased need for secure remote/hybrid work during the pandemic. However, while everyone has a relatively general idea of what digital workspace meansthere is a lack of standardized definitions for different segments within the digital workspace technology ecosystem. This has made it confusing for organizations to understand all of the different options available to them. That's where the alliance comes in.  

Digital Workspace Ecosystem graphic.

No more confusion 

Since there is uncertainty around the digital workspace ecosystem, vendors and technology providers often shape the definition around the services they offer. We don't want organizations to unknowingly buy technology that only addresses some of their needs, or on the other end, select expensive and complex technology that has too many products and capabilities for their needs. This is why the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance aims to: 

  • Produce unbiased content  
  • Educate system administrators and everyone in the EUC space about specific tools available for digital workspace initiatives  
  • Increase end-user satisfaction, productivity, and efficiency 

Robb Henshaw, Co-Founder and CMO at Cameyo (another member of the alliance) said, “Customers win when technology vendors work together to make it easier to identify the right solutions for their specific needsAs organizations work to empower their people with simple, secure solutions so that they can productively work from anywhere, they’ve been forced to wade through a lot of competing information that leads to confusion, not clarification. We’re excited to be joined by the rest of the Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance members to help provide customers with the information needed to create the Digital Workspace strategy that works best for them.” 

Our first offering, from us to you 

Our first offering as an alliance is our release of an industry white paper that outlines segments of the digital workspace ecosystem, including definitions of technology types, a list of vendors to evaluate, and an assessment guide to determine which technologies can benefit your organization! Download the report now and check out our new press release to learn more about the alliance!  

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