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August 22, 2014

Citrix or VMware: Why Choose Just One?

Last week, Citrix blogger Mayank Singh posted a blog article comparing the features and capabilities of Citrix Virtual Desktops and VMware Horizon enterprise printing regarding printing in virtual environments. As a Citrix Ready Partner and a VMware Technology Alliance Partner for nearly 10 years, it’s hard sitting back and watching Citrix and VMware bash the other when both companies provide terrific solutions.

Tricerat sees the value of both. It’s a simple fact of customer preference.

Complex Printing - Simple Solutions

The bottom line is printing is tough, especially in mixed virtual environments. IT departments are constantly battling problems when rolling out new and existing environments of server-based and virtual workstations. No two environments are ever the same and they shouldn’t have to be. Tricerat has been in the business of enterprise printing for over 15 years for this exact reason. Whether you are running Citrix or VMware or a hybrid of both, Tricerat's printing solutions ScrewDrivers, Simplify Printing, and Simplify Printing TX, offer a full-featured, easy-to-use solution to print-proof you now, and in the future - with support for desktop, remote and mobile devices.

The Right Printing Solutions for You

Tricerat’s Simplify Printing TX has your entire environment covered - from workstations to VDI to mobile devices. The best part is, you don’t have to choose between Citrix and VMware, and you can have the best of ALL worlds with a world-class printing solution. Not only that but you will have a full-featured solution that doesn’t sacrifice quality for compression. It’s really that simple. Shouldn’t IT always be?

We Make IT Simple, Regardless of Environment

Take a look at how Tricerat’s printing solutions work WITH Citrix and VMware environments to give you the best possible printing capabilities.

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*Note: This comparison includes Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers, Simplify Printing, and Simplify Printing TX. 

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