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March 23, 2017

What to Look for in Great Print Management Software

What features should an ideal print management software have?

We’ve identified four things you need in your print management software:

  1. Driverless Printing
  2. Complete Print Network Overview
  3. Bandwidth Management
  4. Few and Easy to Solve Problems

Let’s unpack these ideas, and do a print management software comparison with Tricerat.

Driverless Printing

Print drivers are the bane of IT departments everywhere. You have to install one driver on every machine for every printer, maintain and update each one, and install new drivers on every computer every time you have to replace a printer.

Driverless printing saves IT departments thousands of hours a year in updating drivers and endless support calls. It ends the laborious setup and maintenance. And it allows users from every environment to print to any printer without needing unique software.

The main drawback of driverless printing is that unique printer features such as collating and stapling are removed.

Even so, driverless printing options save so much money in IT labor that you should not consider a print management solution that does not include driverless printing.

So how does Tricerat stack up?

Tricerat offers the driverless printing platform  ScrewDrivers. ScrewDrivers only needs to be installed once and every future installation can be handled from one centralized interface.

ScrewDrivers also allows you to continue to use a printer’s unique features, such as collating, stapling, duplex, and more. Tricerat not only brings you all the advantages of driverless printing, but it eliminates the few drawbacks. Not bad.

Ready to “screw drivers” once and for all? Click here to download your 30-day free trial of ScrewDrivers. No credit card required!

Complete Print Network Overview

For many companies, the size and complexity of their print network provide a significant challenge.

Managing that challenge can be easier by bringing every element of the print network into one centralized location. Everything from creating network printers, administering print servers, installing print drivers, controlling print servers, and managing a print queue should be in one0 location. This way, one administrator can easily manage the network.

If poorly designed, however, having everything in one spot can be overwhelming. So you need to be careful to find a user-friendly interface.

Tricerat succeeds on both accounts. We provide a complete overview through a central environment. With its consumer quality, easy-to-use drag and drop interface, our print server management platform gives central control over their print environment!

This easy to use centralized environment will also lessen your company’s IT burden, saving your team thousands of hours a year.

Robust Network Performance & Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth is a precious resource for your company.

No matter how big or small your company is, having multiple users trying to print big jobs will slow down any network. Any print management solution worth considering should ensure that your network doesn’t get bogged down by print jobs.

You should be able to control how much bandwidth print jobs are using on your network. The technology to do so is available and easy to use, so you should you accept print management software that will not give you this level of control (Hint: you shouldn’t).

Tricerat takes a three-pronged approach to reducing the network burden of your printing. First, our driverless approach helps by removing the unnecessary print drivers from the server reducing the burden on your server and increasing remote environment speed and performance.

Next, our solutions compress all print files minimizing spooler crashes and streamlining print jobs. We break each print job into pages, sending one page at a time, easing the stress on your print spooler. Finally, our solutions provide control over bandwidth use allocated for printing.

Few and Easy to Solve Problems

If you are like most companies the number one thing you want from your print management software is to not have to think about printing. You want your printer to work how you need it to when you need it.

At Tricerat, we think about printing so you don’t have to.

We are always working to eliminate print problems like spooler crashes, lost print jobs, server crashes, and endless helpdesk calls.

Think about everything you read above: driverless printing, complete network control, compressing print files. All of it is designed to eliminate printing problems and ease the burden of IT departments everywhere.

With Tricerat you can simply install, and then forget that printer problems ever existed. We are proud of our ScrewDriver’s plug-n-play functionality.

Now That You Know Who Has the Best, Try It For Yourself

As you know, the best print management software should work to streamline your IT operations and reduce your overall printing problems. Lucky for you, that’s exactly what you get with Tricerat.

Now it’s time to try it for yourself. Download your free 30-day free trial of ScrewDrivers here.

If you’d like to talk with one of our experts, click here to schedule a demo with our team.

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