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October 29, 2021

2021 State of System Administration

System administrators are arguably the lifeblood of IT departments and are depended upon to make sure everything runs properly. Over the past two years, Tricerat has been publishing the results of our State of System Administration (SOSA) survey to shed light on what the daily lives of these IT heroes are like. As we kick off 2021’s SOSA survey let’s look at some of the previous results.

System Administrators Thrive with Flexibility

In the 2020 State of System Administration report, we discovered that being flexible was a key success factor for many system admins. One respondent stated, “managing all of a company’s resources day-to-day requires a flexible schedule.” Being willing to work a flexible schedule is a great trait for sys admins as they must balance many responsibilities. In fact, the ability to work flexible hours is considered a benefit to many of the 2020 respondents. 10% of sys admins stated that flexibility was the best part about working in system administration.

Education and Continued Learning for Sys Admins

Job requirements for system administrators vary greatly from company to company. We found in SOSA 2020 that 32% of respondents had a bachelor’s degree as their highest level of education. Additionally, 73% stated that they had job related certificates. The top three certifications reported were Microsoft (60%), VMware (33%), and Cisco (33%). Although these system administrators are far from uneducated, 15% responded that more training and education would help to make their job easier and them more successful. Sys admins are responsible for keeping the network systems online and operational. To do so effectively, they need to have appropriate and timely training.

15% of sys admins requested more time training. Get your copy or the State of System Administration 2020 today!

Sys Admins Go Further as Team Players

Being a contributing member of a successful team is important for most system administrators. 27% of respondents to last year’s SOSA survey stated that being able to make important contributions to their team was one of the best parts about being a system administrator. One response we received was that “solving problems and enabling others are the best parts of being a system administrator.” To be successful in this type of role it helps to have a team-first mentality. Sys admins that support and push their team forward oftentimes find more fulfillment in their jobs.

2020 SOSA respondents describe system administration in one word.
2020 SOSA respondents were asked to describe system administration in one word. This word cloud compiles the most popular responses.

2021 State of System Administration

System administrators work hard to keep organizations running but they do not always get the credit they deserve. Tricerat is continuing with our SOSA survey this year so that people understand what it means to work in system administrations. This year’s survey is officially live and ready for responses. All respondents will be entered for a chance to win various prizes totaling $500. For contest details please visit our website here. Take some time to fill out the survey and tell us your system administration story today!

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