Remote Access Software

Remote access software, or remote access tools, let you access one computer’s data from a completely different computer. This page will discuss these tools a bit more in depth, including the benefits and considerations that come into play with this sort of setup.

Benefits of Remote Desktop Access

Using remote access software, you can use the remote computer just as you could if you were sitting in front of your local machine. For example, you can:

  • Use applications not installed on your current computer: Chances are your personal laptop may not have all of the programs installed on your work computer. Remote access software allows you to access and use any application installed on your work computer.
  • Check work email: In many companies, work email is only accessible on the company server. Remote access lets you securely login to your email account. From there you can write, send, and receive work emails from any location.
  • Transfer files: Remote desktop access tools let you easily transfer files between your local and remote computer, meaning you never have to worry about leaving an important file at the office again!
  • Print documents: Some remote access management tools allow you to access documents on your remote computer and then print those documents on a local printer.

Remote Access Concerns

We live in an increasingly mobile society, and having access to the information and resources we need, wherever we are, is increasingly important. But offering users the flexibility of remotely connecting to the office network isn't without risk. Research shows that security is the number one concern that organizations have when it comes to allowing users remote access to the company network, whether by dialing directly in or by going through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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