Simplify Lockdown®: System-Level Process Control

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Hacking incidents are increasing everyday. Give your organization complete control over what processes are runnining in your computing infastructure all from a easy to use, drag and drop interface.

Simplify Lockdown® uses a SQL Database to build either a trusted whitelist or a banned list of processes. When in Lockdown mode, it builds a list of applications based on criteria that the IT Admin team defines, enabling your team to easily deploy secure desktops and control access to any executable.

Tricerat Simplify Lockdown blocking an untrusted application

Simplify Lockdown will allow all applications added to the "Trusted List," while blocking out any untrusted applications. 

With Simplify Lockdown, you gain:

  • Absolute control of not just an executable, but all aspects of the configuration:

- Executable name and working directory.
- Customizable arguments for any application.
- Hash and signature control for each application to stop unwanted updates to your applications.
- Ability to allow and restrict any application from spawning secondary processes, even those that run from TMP file locations.

  • An all-in-one Management UI

- One console outside of any other management tool (Citrix Policies, GPO/ Profile management, etc.) to define, deliver, and control user access to applications.
- Create individual applications, or groups of applications for easier assignment.
- Allows to administer applications and assign them to:
        - Any level of Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC)
        - Proximity such as originating IP and hardware ID
        - “Learn Mode” allows for easy configuration of a user account
           by importing all processes (including winlogin.exe,
           userinti.exe) that a user needs to function.


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  • TriMode Application Control gives ultimate flexibility in authorizing trusted and banned lists to support individual user requirements

  • App Informant discovers initial application usage per user, facilitating integration

  • Secure Application Signature automatically generates secure application signature

  • User-Friendly Alerts allow you to customize user notifications

What People Are Saying

"Simplify Lockdown gives us complete control over individual applications on our Windows desktops. It reduces user administration to its simplest form." 

- Charles L., Senior Network Analyst, Fortune 300 Construction Company