VMWare Printing Solutions - Make Enterprise Printing Simpler

Enterprise-wide print management has never been so easy for system administrators, no matter how complex the IT infrastructure, how many locations, or how many users. As a VMware Technology Alliance Program partner, Tricerat has taken the print driver completely out of the equation in VMware virtual environments.

The result? Each year, Tricerat's worry-free, driverless printing technology saves system administrators who maintain VMware VDI environments thousands of hours that would otherwise be spent on printing-related helpdesk calls, or going from user to user to install and update print drivers.

No more printing headaches. No more printing nightmares. Just instant print relief. 

A solution for VDI and expanded enterprise printing

Tricerat presents VMware Horizon View users the power to quickly and seamlessly build virtual printers for zero client, thin client and traditional thick client PCs, as well as applications and desktops hosted on terminal servers. Tricerat uses information from the Horizon Client that is passed through to the Horizon View desktop.

Through further awareness presented by the Volatile Environment Registry Key or the WTSQuerySessionInformation function in Windows, Tricerat entitles system administrators to select the information best-suited to build the driverless printers for their environment (User name, IP address, security groups, zero client hardware ID, for example).

Essentially, we build what you need to move paper:

Tricerat printing in VMware environments      

  • Provides true enterprise print management, minus the complexity, minus the confusion.
  • Eliminates need to install and manage print drivers.
  • Manages all communications and delivery of jobs to a print server. Comprehensive approach isolates activity at the print server, sharply reducing crashes.
  • Enables print assignments outside of the user profile, leading to fast profile logins and the removal of profile "bloat" due to printing.
  • Offers fully flexible licensing. Tricerat works within your design, allowing customers to add and remove print and terminal servers, all without the worry of licensing changes.  

Scalable and reliable enterprise scanning, too

Tricerat also applies universal driverless technology to enable seamless PCoIP scanning in VMware virtual server and desktop sessions. Through Simplify Scanning, VMware users are presented with a stable and easy-to-manage scanning environment, free from driver installations and updates. In addition to hassle-free compatibility, Simplify Scanning empowers VMware users to virtually access all functions and features of the local scanner--including duplex, color, resolution and paper source--and scan documents more than 10X faster through advanced compression. 

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Tricerat Printing Advantages for VMware

  • One console to manage all enterprise-level printing 

  • Enhance and improve an existing print environment without redesigning it

  • Quickly and simply layer in Tricerat print management and communication tools

  • Flexible VDI print delivery options using PCoIP and RDP, as well as standard TCP/IP protocols

  • Proximity printing allows for dynamic printer reassignment, based on new session information (printers automatically follow the end user--no extra work or reconfiguring required)

  • Manufacturers' advanced print features are passed through Tricerat virtual drivers--full features and functionality with no restrictions 

Scan on Demand in VMware Environments

In addition to worry-free printing, VMware users can scan documents more than 10X faster in virtual environments, using Tricerat's driver-free Simplify Scanning solution.

Read the VMware Blog and learn how scanner redirection through Simplify Scanning simplifies virtual desktop management!