Citrix Printing Solutions - Make Virtual Printing Simpler

System administrators struggling with print management in virtual environments is a thing of the past. No more worrying about installing and updating print drivers on every single server or desktop tied to the virtual network. That's right, Tricerat has taken the print driver completely out of the equation, offering system administrators the only fully scalable solution for true enterprise print management on Citrix platforms.

Manage every print server in your Citrix environment from one location. 

Tricerat, a Citrix Ready Partner, developed unique remote desktop printing solutions to extend and enhance the printing experience for Citrix customers. Utilizing Tricerat's patented technology, a system admin can build virtual printers from one console, without ever installing a print driver. This means no software clutter or high-maintenance, crash-prone driver configurations in your XenApp and XenDesktop server farms!    

Move paper when you need it most.

Citrix is a recognized pioneer and leader in App and Desktop Virtualization. So when you add Tricerat's pioneering print virtualization technology to the Citrix virtual mix--no matter what type of client or mobile device your workforce is on--what you get is a recipe for printing success.   

To learn more, watch our Citrix Ready Webinar: How Tricerat helps your organization move paper in any direction. 



Tricerat printing in Citrix environments

  • No Terminal Server print drivers to manage. EVER.
  • Increased performance by reducing login times and spooler crashes. 
  • True enterprise print management, minus the complexity, minus the confusion.
  • System administrator empowerment: allowing end users to print in a variety of environments, from various devices.


Contact us today to learn how you can quickly and easily fold Tricerat printing technology into your existing Citrix environment. 


Tricerat for Citrix Environments

  • Centralized console management of entire virtual network, including remote locations

  • All print communications compressed through HDX/ICA traffic or local TCP traffic inside user's datacenter

  • Optimized print traffic allows for fast and reliable printing

  • Automatically enabled printer assignments eliminate daunting Citrix policy scripting

  • 'Plug and Play' compatibility with latest operating systems

  • Backwards compatible with existing Citrix environments and older application servers/desktops

Proud to be a Citrix Partner

As one of Citrix's first industry partners, Tricerat has supported and enhanced the Citrix vision.

Citrix-Tricerat Timeline

Tricerat "Hit 'Print' and Print. Boom!" Citrix Video

Tricerat a Citrix Spotlight Video Contest Winner

Tricerat was selected as a winner in the 2015 Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest for its video entry. 

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