Print Management Tools: Desktop, Profile, Scanning, and Security Management

Tricerat offers a family of products around printing, security, user profiles, and scanning to help you manage user workspace efficiently and effortlessly.


Print Management for Every Scenario

Sick of dealing with headaches and hassles caused by printers? Sick of faulty drivers? Sick of long troubleshooting calls? We have the solution. Here are our three effortless print management tools. 

As the name suggests ScrewDrivers eliminates the need for print drivers. You can forget about the hassle and aggravation of managing redirected printers in Citrix, VMware, and Microsoft RDS environments. It is a remote desktop print management solution that mirrors print drivers from remote user workstations, bypassing the user’s endpoint entirely. 

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Want to take ScrewDrivers to a whole new level? 

Simplify Printing is the next step in print management tools with all the functionality of ScrewDrivers but the added ability to assign network-managed Print Server printers to remote users. It also has one printer management console so you can easily manage many users and printers effortlessly.

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Simplify Printing TX is Simplify Printing on steroids. It is the future of printing. Its complete mobile-compatibility lets you print from any mobile device to any printer without administrator support. It’s the future of print management tools and great for integrating printing with different devices so your users can have a seamless experience.  

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Effortless and Easy Scanning  

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Simplify Scanning is a true enterprise scanning software solution. It eliminates scan driver incompatibility when it redirects a scanner from a user workstation into a terminal environment. By virtualizing a data source that communicates directly with your TWAIN or WIA driver, it eliminates application incompatibility and allows access to full universal scanning functionality.


Your All-In-One Ultimate Printing and Scanning Solution

Get both universal print drivers & scanning software in Tricerat’s all in one package. With Simplify Suite, you get printing, profile, scanning, security, application and desktop management all in one place. 

Everything is accessible from a single, centralized workspace management console.

Simplify Suite includes the following products in one package for an incredible price:

  • Simplify Profiles
  • Simplify Printing
  • Simplify Desktop
  • Simplify Lockdown

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Roaming User Profile Management

Say goodbye to having to spend hours troubleshooting user profiles. Simplify Profiles eliminates bloated roaming profiles, missing profile data, erratic application behavior, and crashed workstations. It provides total administrative control and a flexible profile environment. 


Security Management

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Protect your data from ransomware and other security holes with Simplify Lockdown. You can build a list of trusted and banned applications and processes. You get easy deployment of secure desktops and absolute control of all configurations with an all-in-one UI.