Solutions to Make IT Simple for You

Tricerat offers a family of products to help you manage the user workspace.


Print Management for Every Scenario

Tricerat helps you connect people to printers to keep business moving. 

Uses 'driverless' universal print technology to erase printer driver compatibility issues for any printer in any environment.

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Incorporates the ScrewDrivers technology into an intuitive printer management console so you can manage users and printers on a granular level.

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Get ready for a solution that is poised to take the printing world by storm. Print from any device to any printer, without administrator support.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Save your business time and money while boosting workplace productivity with a simple, secure and affordable backup solution for your computers and servers.


Virtual and Physical Network Monitoring from a Single Console

Tracking the health of your IT environment can be a bear, but it doesn't have to be. Use our monitoring software to proactively analyze, monitor, alert, and remediate issues in a virtual, physical, or hybrid environment for full visibility that eliminates the need for guesswork and worry.


Seamless Network Scanning 

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Slow, crashed, or incorrectly rendered scanning jobs can transform a minute-long task into a helpdesk call from hell. Simplify Scanning ofers an easy way to scan printed documents for fast accessibility, sharing, and backup. Period. 


User Desktop Management

Get the best of Tricerat solutions for printing, profiles, and desktop management, all accessible from a single, centralized workspace management console in our Simplify Suite.

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Roaming Profile Management

Eradicate bloated roaming profiles, missing profile data, erratic application behavior, and crashed workstations with a solution that provides total administrative control over a flexible profile environment. 


Secure Windows Clipboard Sharing

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Built for high-security requirements of the healthcare industry, Cliptite controls how sensitive data is shared when using Windows Clipboard—the Microsoft component that allows you to copy and paste content between applications—with assignable encryption technology.