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Support your electronic medical record (EMR) initiatives with universal print driver technology that eliminates printer drivers and associated compatibility issues. The results? Fast, secure and reliable printing from any device to any printer. From any location, from any workstation. 

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Print management. Just what the doctor ordered. 

Tricerat's innovative universal print driver technology eliminates printer driver and 32-/64-bit compatibility issues for fast and reliable printing in Citrix, Microsoft RDS, and VMware environments. Add to the mix a centralized print server and a single-source print management console, and now you have the remedy for physicians and healthcare professionals to print on demand—without IT intervention, without interruption in quality of care, and in full compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Tricerat’s enterprise print-management solutions are designed to fold into and complement your existing infrastructure. There is no need to remove servers or any other components that are critical to your day-to-day healthcare operations. Our printing technology seamlessly integrates into environments where Epic printer servers are present. To learn more about this, please read our datasheet on managing printing in an Epic environment. 

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"We proactively, hand-in-hand put Citrix and Tricerat's Simplify Printing together on our servers. With over 400 people dependent on our infrastructure at our main facility and at other remote locations, printing is a real need. We really would not have been able to print without Tricerat.

- Brian Anderson, Sr. Network Administrator, Hennepin County Medical Center

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Moving paper on the go with mobile printing

Make specialty printing easy and keep sensitive patient data secure, with the added convenience of mobile printing. Whether printing prescription labels, barcoded wristbands or patient records, health care professionals have the added convenience of doing so from mobile phones and tablets, to any networked printer, with the added assurance of badge-swipe/pause-and-release/“follow-me” roaming print options, and fully encrypted data transfer, for HIPAA compliance. Tricerat’s mobile printing technology essentially spoofs existing Airprint functionality without opening up security to the devices being utilized.

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One Console to Manage ALL Printing

  • Citrix printing, VDI deployments, traditional fat client workstation management

  • Make assignments on Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) objects, as well as Non-AD/Domian information: Assignments for proximity printing (IP ranges, Volatile Enviornment Registry Key, Windows session information)

Enhanced Print Performance

  • Print server stability

  • Tricerat's printer agents control all printing communication

  • One path to the spooler, using one driver on server

  • Increased print speed/compression from client to spooler

  • Virtual driver capabilities between any client and print server

Front-End and Back-End EMR Printing

  • Ability to handle traditional application server printing (front end) as well as database-compiled printing (back end)

  • Front-end EMR managed through enhanced Windows printing management

  • Back-end EMR handled through virtual print servers ascting as the back-end EMR print queue

  • No driver management necessary

  • No need to duplicate print server queues or infrastructure; one queue for all enterprise printing