The State of System Administration 2021. A study aimed at discovering what daily life consists of for system administrators.

State of System Administration 2021

System administrators are the unsung heroes within the end user computing space. Tricerat conducts and publishes a yearly State of System Administration (SOSA) Report with hopes of shedding more light on the day to day life of system administrators. We are excited to announce the newest version of SOSA is available with even more feedback than before! Our latest study includes:
  • A look into the daily life of sys admins
  • 4 Success factors for sys admins
  • 4 Employer strategies for successful IT
  • Challenges faced by sys admins

Get your very own copy of SOSA 2021 by filling out the form today! Additionally, you can access both the 2019 SOSA and 2020 SOSA reports to see previous trends.


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