2024 Healthcare IT Report
Securing Patient Data, Network Endpoints, and Compliance

The latest research on gaps and opportunities in clinical workflows, common network and medical device vulnerabilities, updated HIPAA and HITRUST guidance, and more from Gartner, The HIPAA Journal, HHS.gov, and others.

Download the 2024 report for an in-depth analysis of IT security findings and often-neglected network gaps that expose sensitive data, including PHI and PII, to breaches from cyberattacks and human errors.

Key insights:

  • Healthcare incurs the highest data breach costs, averaging $7.13M in 2023 (Ponemon Institute Report), with each PHI record costing $150.
  • Network devices account for 50% of all healthcare cyber attacks (The HIPAA Journal), including IP cameras, printers, and other MFDs. 
  • The average 1,500-bed hospital prints over 8 million pages monthly, costing roughly $3.8 million annually (CynergisTek Report).
  • 50% of CIOs find it harder to keep up with print security issues in 2024, while 72% are concerned with risks from unsecured printers (Foundry, Security Priorities Study).
  • Despite the risks, only 54% have conducted printer security assessments, while 62% lack a zero-trust model (Quocirca).

Secure your defenses from the inside out—grab our 2024 Healthcare IT Report for comprehensive insights on security and compliance across all clinical workflows.

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