Don’t Sacrifice Control, Instead Open the Lines of Communication.

Do you have more and more users or guests who need to access your printers from their mobile device? What do you do (besides worry!) when they need to print those important, confidential documents? You don’t want to give up control and allow anyone to access your network but you also don’t have the time to manage every single device.

The Only Print Solution Built for the Admin and the Mobile Workforce

With Tricerat’s Simplify Printing TX, system administrators can relax and feel confident knowing they’ve brought users’ printing environments under control without hours of print driver management and user configuration. A centralized admin console allows you to clearly see and manage user permissions and printer policies. End users scan set up, share, and print where, when, and how they need to without the admin holding their hand. You can have it all!

By opening the communication channel to designated users or groups, they have secure access to the managed printing environment. With the guest printing feature, you can allow guests to print while completely restricting access to your actual domain. This feature allows guest users to be authenticated from sources outside of your active directory.

Be Open, Without Sacrificing Control: Download a Free 30-day trial!

“The ability to print from mobile devices has been non-existent, until now. Competitors have more complicated admin management structures and get expensive fast. Simplify Printing TX is cost effective, easy to use, and lets you print anywhere.”

~Walter Huff, Owner & CEO, Huff Technologies