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Smart businesses choose to keep print servers.

Does your supervisor have tunnel vision? Are they constantly only seeing the bottom line when it comes to suggesting that removing print servers will save on hardware costs? Sysadmin, we have good news. We’re on your side, we get it. We know that in IT administration, removing print servers actually creates more work…for YOU! Not only does removing print servers result in a complete overhaul of infrastructure, but it also does not eliminate any of the management that comes with enterprise printing.

When evaluating your infrastructure strategy, remember these key benefits that the print server brings to your environment:

With print servers, your environment has:

  • A more centralized network, opposed to direct IP printing to every printer (which presents a higher workload on the admin)
  • Print job auditing
  • Simpler driver installs and updates
  • The ability to view and manage all queued print jobs
  • Control over printer permissions

Looking to further enhance your printing?

Tricerat’s print management solutions have helped over 10,000 organizations take their printing to the next level. Our solutions improve print server environments by:

  • Handling print traffic through the server more effectively
  • Enabling print management from a single administrative console
  • Maintaining access to ALL advanced print features (see for yourself here!)
  • Increasing print speed through advanced compression and streaming
  • Eliminating print spooler crashes
  • Maintaining compatibility with HDX/ICA, PCoIP, and RDS protocols..and more!

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