Yet Another Disused PCCan you imagine getting rid of your computer and just using your phone or tablet?  Some people are doing that already and now spend more time on their phones than computers.  Today’s mobile devices provide immediate convenience, unparalleled portability, extended battery life and excellent productivity via great apps.  The workforce is on the move attending meetings, coordinating with team members and communicating with vendors and clients – which means the workplace and needs to be prepared to handle the security and performance challenges that come with a multitude of network-connected portable devices.

  • Lunch meetings with colleagues are no longer limited to pleasant chat and jotting down a few notes.  With your iThing in hand you can interact, share and build – all while gnawing on a ham sandwich.
  • You’re at home watching TV when you get a great idea for your next report.  Why wait?  Pick up your smartphone and add your finishing touches right then and there.
  • Do you brainstorm during a rain storm?  Do you find inspiration flying at 30,000 feet?  Wake up during the night with a sudden flash of insight?  Just grab your iThing and jot down those ideas before they are gone with the wind.

The Systems Administrator Is There With You

The Mobile WorkforceIf you are the Systems Administrator supporting the mobile workforce, the pressure is on to keep productivity in top gear.  Your workforce requires ongoing 24/7 support including reliable Wi-Fi, VPN, access to email and network files, wireless mobile printing, software updates and bulletproof endpoint security.  That’s where business software such as Tricerat’s Simplify Printing TX really proves its value by helping keep your mobile workforce connected to the office anytime, anywhere.

Do You Work Mobile?

What devices do you use while on the move?  Do you have any tips on keeping the momentum going, and what technology or apps do you use that help make your job easier and more efficient?  Please share your insights with us in the comments below.