As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Tricerat is verified to be compatible with Microsoft and enhance Terminal Services performance. With Microsoft, Tricerat has formed a solid strategy in order to best serve our customers with superior workstation and printing software solutions. Explore Our Solutions

Printing in RDS has come a long way, but it is still far from perfect. The two types of printers in RDS, local and redirected, still need print drivers to work. Our software makes sure print drivers are always available, no matter the printer type.

The recommended printing solution for RDS environments, hands down

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Single point for driver management for redirected, networked, and workstation printers

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Supports mobile printing in RDS enviroments

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Simplify managing printers by assigning by IP address or client name

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With our software, you can extend the functionality and capabilities of Microsoft’s Easy Print. Explore Our Solutions

Compression and speed: documents won’t expand when sent to the client for printing

Re-gain the ability to cluster print servers, or eliminate print servers all together

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Works for non-Windows endpoints, multi-functional printers (MFP), network printers, and mobile printing

Stability: we can ensure a print driver is stable when used in both the server and the RDS environment

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Tricerat supports system admin’s unique challenges

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Satisfied Customers

"The software works much better than the built in print software that comes with Windows Server."

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Satisfied Customers

"Since we have installed Tricerat on our servers - our printing issues have been resolved. I wouldn't use anything else."

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Satisfied Customers

"When other products don't work, this one does. It's easy to install and setup as well as maintain. No hassles."

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