James Quigley IT Time Podcast

Shadow IT? It’s Not As Scary As It Sounds

This week’s episode of the Tricerat IT Time podcast features James Quigley, CEO of Canvas (check them out!) and frequent TechCrunch contributor. James recently wrote a piece on the growing utilization of Shadow IT that caught our eye, so we were thrilled to have him join us to dig further into the concept.

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Let’s Take a Look Back.

Years ago, when quick advances in technology were a ‘nice-to-have’ and not a necessity; organizations weren’t sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for the next release. James mentions, “there wasn’t somebody who would disrupt your business in six-month’s time if you didn’t deploy the right technology.” Things were released slower. IT departments had more time to evaluate products and software.

Enter the Millennial.

With a new generation of workers (who, by the way don’t remember life before the Internet) standards and timelines have changed. With that type of pressure to maintain, IT professionals and products are focusing on being flexible for the sake of efficiency, convenience and innovation while also protecting when they know to be important: company data, security and budgets. Shadow IT has since grown out of employee workarounds to make deployments faster and more agile.

The Takeaway?

The role of the IT admin is changing into a larger role managing data rather than just tools and hardware. The shifts are inevitable, it’s now up to organizations to get on board!

Learn more about James’ take on Shadow IT, and his suggestions to make technology work for everyone.