Systems Administrator mugAlthough you probably only think of your SysAdmins when things go wrong, they work tirelessly to make sure things go right 99.99% of the year. Now is the perfect time to show them your appreciation for everything that does go right.  Not sure what to buy? No need to brush up on Klingon or Google TechSpeak Translate. Here are some great gift ideas that are sure to please the geeks in your life:

  • A cool Systems Administrator mug, hat or t-shirt from CafePress.
  • ThinkGeek has a large selection of fun items, geeky toys and quirky accessories that are sure to bring a smile to your SysAdmin’s face.  Or get a gift certificate if you’re not sure what to choose.
  • Newegg offers a huge selection of supplies for the discerning computer guy or girl – everything from complete systems down to external hard drives, USB sticks and cordless mice.  It’s pretty much a sure bet they will welcome a gift certificate so they can go shopping!
  • Is your geek a gamer?  Get them a gift card for Steam, Xbox, Playstation and more from your local GameStop, 7-Eleven, Target, Walmart or buy online from PayPal or Amazon.
  • Are they into movies?  Send them a gift card for Netflix or Hulu.
  • Give the gift of caffeine from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts and ensure your SysAdmin never runs out of fuel.

Great Personalized Gifts

Of course don’t forget that your SysAdmin is a person just like you.  He or she might have a family, children, hobbies and interests outside of the workplace.  Perhaps she is into cult classic movies, or is a big Orioles baseball fan, or watches NASCAR every weekend.  Everyone loves to receive a gift that’s just right for them!

Do you have any great gift suggestions, or perhaps there are things YOU want to receive this holiday?  Share your ideas and wish-list in the comments below.