Wow a Turkey Hat!This Thanksgiving let us give thanks for the often under-appreciated hero we call the SysAdmin.  He or she is the one we rarely call unless technology goes wrong – then no matter what time of day, we need him right here and right now.  They are highly trained, skilled and experienced in keeping our many gadgets and gizmos working.  Some of the important things they do include:

  • Did you break the internet again?  The SysAdmin is there to dive under your desk, sort through the scary pile of spaghetti wires, and reconnect the cord your foot snagged on earlier.
  • You double-clicked that “sillycats.exe” email attachment and now a rogue poltergeist is living inside your computer.  Who you gonna call?
  • Your laptop tumbled down two flights of stairs, and you ran out of duct tape to piece it back together.  So you bring it to the SysAdmin who miraculously resurrects your spreadsheets out of the twisted remains.
  • That super-important client report has mysteriously gone missing overnight?  The SysAdmin is the one we call to search through the backup drive and save the day!
  • You can’t remember your password and can’t recover it since you have no idea what your mother’s maiden name was or what city your father was born in?  Call the all-knowing SysAdmin to reset your login and get you back in business.

Even More Important Things The SysAdmin Does

  • Keeps your printer printing, copier copying, scanner scanning, and fax machine faxing.
  • Plans and maintains a disaster recovery plan to keep your business going after the computers break down.
  • Analyze complex system logs and uses advanced software to monitor performance, identify issues and proactively fix problems before systems go down.

An Ode to the System Administrator

Give Thanks To Your SysAdmin

We thank the System Administrator, the unsung hero who works long, odd hours at night to keep our days happy, productive and hopefully uneventful.  Think about it – have you ever had things go wrong and the SysAdmin was there to save the day?  Tell us your story in the comments below!