IT Budget ChartTechnology folks face many challenges today, not the least of which are limited budgets. You may have the need to develop a new intranet or mobile app to improve productivity, expand and re-program your SQL database storage center, or modernize your website e-commerce platform. Or perhaps you need an extra hand while setting up new intranet servers or deploying the latest workstation management application across your organization.

Any one of these projects is a major goal, but with organizations facing already tight budgets there may be little resources available for a development team. So until you can recruit your own personal army of ninja code monkeys, how can you get anything done? Perhaps we need to be more resourceful.

Students In Need, Help Your Business Indeed

One thing many students need today is solid work experience. They often need to apply learned skills to earn course credit, and will definitely need a solid job reference to gain employment in today’s competitive job market. The solution that brings students together with employers is internships.

You may already be familiar with internships, and perhaps was an intern yourself at one time. An internship provides on-the-job training for students in exchange for nominal (or no?) pay, while providing the employer with temporary work services.

Interns WantedGet An Intern

Great, so how do you go about finding an intern? Chances are, your local college or vocational training facility may have an internship program. You can also check out online resources such as LinkedIn, local community websites (like this one) or paid commercial websites (like this). Once you locate an ideal intern you often need to go through the normal employment process such background checks, references, job interviewing and paperwork. Be sure to check with your local authorities about guidelines you need to follow regarding employment and pay.

How Do YOU Get Work Done?

Since interns can gain valuable on-the-job training and experience while helping you get work done, internships can provide great win-win benefits for both parties. Have you recruited interns to help work on your projects? What was the process like for you and was the effort successful? What other ideas do you have for getting work done with a tight budget? Share your ideas in the comments below.