Tricerat mobile printing

Get More Out of Your Existing Printers!

We get it. You paid good money for your in-home printers and they still perform for you. After all, you’re not printing nearly as much as you do at work– at home you’re only sending boarding passes, school assignments and the occasional return label, why should you invest in a new machine? You even have a drawer of unopened printer cartridges.

Then along comes your new mobile device. From your palm, you can now shop online, run your business remotely, stream music and even connect face-to-face with family. Your device knows where you are, what time you wake up, and what your plans are for Friday night. The one thing you device hasn’t been able to do? Synch with your printer. Seems like a design flaw.

Future proof your printer.

We believe it should be easier to print from your phone than it is to create a music video. That’s why we’re introducing PrintAmplify from Tricerat, simple software that shares your printer with your new iOS device. Easily deploy PrintAmplify and ensure your printing works today and for years to come. Sign up to get more information here.