We are always looking for ways to save time and work more efficiently. As a systems administrator you live with I.T. systems that require regular care and maintenance. Now multiply this by the number of devices under your care, and the many challenges you face soon become clear. Here are five tips that can help make your life just a little simpler.

1. Script and Automate

Are there tasks you need to perform on a regular basis like file backups, refresh file directory indices or delete temporary files? Automate it! Where possible write a script to perform multi-step tasks. Let the machines do their own dirty work and save your valuable time and precious sanity.

2. WiFi Connect Everything

Not all (non-essential) devices need to be tethered to a cord. Maybe the printer would be more conveniently positioned in the middle of the office rather than tucked in a corner, but there is no Ethernet port nearby. Hook it up to WiFi. Or perhaps you would love to shoot your laptop display on the big wall projector but dragging out that heavy, crazy-long 50 ft. RGB cable brings back long-suppressed bitter memories of Windows ME. Your therapist warned you this might happen. Instead, wouldn’t it be cool to wirelessly share your screen via WiDi, Miracast or AirPlay? Let’s keep up with the times and send that old school cable back to the 20th century.

3. Remote Monitor Your Facilities

Do you need to physically monitor your server room or other equipment? Be there when you’re not there (even from home) by installing a wireless room temperature sensor, PTZ camera and even a WiFi switch (like Belkin WeMo) to power cycle troublesome equipment.

4. Cloud Your Servers

Instead of maintaining your own servers, push your data to the “cloud” and let an online service provider deal with the equipment. Then upgrade your former server room into a chill after hours club. Cheers!

5. Equip Yourself Well

Are you the one they call when the computers go down? Your SysAdmin first responder “go kit” should include a power supply tester, Ethernet tester, adjustable wrench and a screwdriver set with regular, Phillips, Torx and hex drivers. Include basic supplies such as “canned air” air duster, wire ties and cutter, spare Ethernet cable and a dependable flashlight.

Be the Hero and have your users back online quickly by keeping a spare power supply on hand for your specific equipment, along with a replacement hard drive and operating system DVDs. (You remembered to create system recovery discs, didn’t you?) Also keep an inexpensive optical USB mouse on hand to replace a failed or erratic mouse. +2 bonus geek points if you have your user back on the job before lunch.

Share Your Ideas

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