Print from any device to any printer (even when you travel).

Simplify Printing TX is a complete enterprise printing solution, and there are many ways to print using this product. The most exciting use cases, however, are those that involve iOS devices. This product solves problems that haven’t been solved before– namely, mobile printing.

Tricerat Mobile printing

Ever since portable devices hit the market, they have become an integral part of my daily life. I never travel without my iPad, and my iPhone is always in my pocket. Printing, on the other hand, has not been without woes. I often use my iPad to connect to my office computer using Citrix receiver. The experience is great! I can run all the applications that are installed on my workstation, I can chat with people at the office using my office chat client, and I can even have full access to all my documents at work. The problems start when I want to print.

Tricerat Mobile printing digital nomad

In this scenario, I want the print job to be printed on the printer that is local to me; the printer that is local to my iPad; the printer that is in the lobby of the hotel I’m working from. This is not an easy problem to solve. Even if my network administrator could anticipate the hotel printer model, how would the print job get routed to my location?

Tricerat mobile printing document

Simplify Printing TX has the answer. When the Simplify Printing TX agent is installed and running on my iPad, I can select a printer to be shared with the network. The agent queries the printer and identifies the make and model of the printer. When the Citrix session is started on my desktop, the agent installed on my desktop creates a print queue using a driver resolved from the queried information. Voila! My desktop apps can now print to the installed print queue, jobs are routed back through my iPad, and I’m holding my document still warm from the printer.

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