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Bryan Glancey Weighs In: Apple vs. FBI

If you’re like us, you’ve been keeping a close watch on the latest news about Apple vs. the FBI in a case that could have serious implications for everyone using an Apple operating system, and beyond. Last week we met with Optio Labs CTO Bryan Glancey to discuss mobile security as it relates to consumer behaviors, listen to the podcast here. This week he is back discussing the latest national news to affect his industry: Apple vs. FBI.

Listen to Episode 5.5 Here

Are We Repeating History?

This is a difficult case to evaluate. On one hand, any information available to help better understand the plans and actions of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook would benefit the teams working to fight terrorism and keep our citizens safe. On the other hand, the ramifications and precedent set by unlocking the phone could undermine trust at the foundations of one of the largest industries in the world. By forcing Apple to unlock this phone, the FBI is opening Pandora’s Box. Bryan mentions that historically, whenever something like this has happened (and it has happened before), the vulnerabilities have become a target and more often than not, they have fallen into the wrong hands.

There’s No Turning Back.

What if legislation passes to force Apple to ‘unlock’ their own operating system? Would they be able to do it? Bryan discusses what that could mean for the teams who have designed the secure systems: a backdoor may suggest that they haven’t done their jobs correctly and that consumer phones aren’t actually safe. Bryan says, “if the implementation is done properly, the people who are implementing it have no ability to bypass it. It’s only if they did their job poorly that they would be able to bypass it.”

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