Modern Education Print Management Solutions.

Pioneering print management software that effortlessly boosts QoS, cuts costs and supports better outcomes in student learning.

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No More Setbacks with Ed Tech.

Create a school environment where a limited budget, overworked IT staff and manual workarounds aren’t a problem. When it comes to advanced printing and scanning management with a high ROI, Tricerat's print management software delivers that reality.

Customer Testimonials.

Explore how we’ve delivered value to the education industry by working around budget constraints and providing optimal outcomes to students, teachers and schools.

Adding Tricerat was going to help us do exactly what we needed...With budget cuts the way they are, the savings from Simplify Suite can create a much better Quality of Service for the district. It’s really a small price to pay to get to the point where technology can be used towards an educational means versus having to deal with technology impeding on education.
Pam Payne-Dyson
Director of Media Technologies, IS 181 Brainerd PS
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We were plagued with print jobs that simply crippled the functionality of our operations. After installing Simplify Printing, our printing issues reduced to zero, giving us time for researching new ways of expanding our use of Terminal Servers.
Systems Architect and Server Operations Manager
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Tech That Boosts Education.

Deliver the best of modern education with printing and scanning management solutions that won’t drain IT resources. Our print management software enables personalized user settings without roaming profiles, secure desktop deployment and allows users to print from any printer on any device.

Printing for Education

Excellent QoS for All.

Tricerat solutions empower school leadership to focus on strategy by eliminating costly overhead issues – in turn boosting the QoS for IT teams, teachers, and students. Plus, the cost of implementation is extremely low due to fast, easy install and implementation process.


Extended Student Access.

With advanced features like mobile, remote and badge release printing, Tricerat solutions allow students to print anywhere on campus. Students can expect a reliable, flexible and user-friendly UX that enhances their learning.


Learning In-Class & Out.

Technical hang-ups are major barriers for teachers. With Tricerat user-friendly, simplified print management software, teachers can run engaging lessons without worrying about defective classroom tech. Plus, with satellite campus accessibility, teaching can happen anywhere, anytime.

IT Innovation & Standardization.

Incorporating new tech into the classroom means training teachers, staff and admins, maintaining technology with IT services and involving parents. Want some tips on how to do it right?

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