If a robust and reliable Citrix Cloud printing solution is needed, Tricerat is the way to go. Its high flexibility and low administrative costs [make it] an ideal solution to support and manage administrative and operating costs.

-Director of IT, Veolia GmbH, Berlin


With Simplify Printing, the large volume handled by Veolia’s printing processes is compressed, organized, and distributed over about 60 print servers using Tricerat’s management console to centralize operations. In addition, about 10 percent of users are working in small shops, printing with the Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers® software. Simplify Printing provided the high degree of flexibility and low level of administrative time spent on the entire print management infrastructure that Veolia wanted. “It is a perfect solution that keeps support and administrative costs at a manageable level,” says Director of IT for Veolia Verkehr GmbH. “If you are looking for a reliable and robust Citrix cloud printing solution, Tricerat is your choice. Changing to a competitor cost us both time and money. If you have a similar task, I suggest you find out what options Tricerat has available before you invest your money in failed pseudo-solutions.”

Industry: Engineering

Product: Simplify Printing

Environment: Citrix

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