Simplify Printing is very easy to use; very easy to maintain and make changes. The impact on users has been positive. Tricerat saves time in the support department; their support team is so fantastic. Using Simplify Printing, we are more productive doing things that make money for the company rather than putting out fires related to printer issues.

-Technology Manager, UHI


It was critical that UHI find a unified solution that not only supported the various printer models within the organization, but could also manage all printer deployments and driver updates. Tricerat’s Simplify Printing® was their first choice based on an employee’s previous experience using it at a different company. During the pre-sales phase, Tricerat Support Engineers provided technical support for installation and configuration. The team found the software to be very easy to use and maintain.

Industry: Manufacturing

Product: Simplify Printing, Simplify Lockdown

Environment: VMware, Microsoft

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