Learn how SC Systems, an MSP located in Alberta, Canada, uses Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers® to reduce overhead, better manage licensing, and reduce 20-30% of help desk calls!

“ScrewDrivers has benefited SC Systems with less administrative overhead in managing the licensing, reducing technical support calls with predictable costs and great relationship management by the Tricerat Team.”

-Project Manager, SC Systems

Product: ScrewDrivers®


  • 500-1,000 employees
  • 22 locations
  • VMware VDI
  • 30 users on 2 servers


Tricerat worked with the project management office to coordinate their printing solutions. After partnering, collaboration on both sides resulted in:

  • Simple install and configuration
  • Reduction in help desk calls by up to 30%
  • Decrease in managing license overhead

About SC Systems

SC Systems is a managed services provider (MSP) based out of Alberta, Canada with a co-located data center in Edmonton. They have clients across 22 cities. Their target market has predominately been nonprofit; however, they’ve begun to do a significant amount of work in the financial services industries. Their services span from managed IT, professional services, and managed cloud services. SC Systems pride themselves on enabling their “clients to do business better by providing the right technology advice, products, and services that meet the needs of their organizations.”

The Situation

The project management office at SC Systems helps coordinate the implementation of solutions for clients. This includes specifying the desired configuration for their printing when moving to their managed cloud platform. Most of SC Systems’ clients are 10-30 user offices with 1 to 2 servers running VMware virtualization. Most of their clients use installed applications either locally or on a remote desktop server environment and some of their clients use web applications.

The Challenge

SC Systems’ clients that use remote desktop environments typically run into issues of degraded print performance. There is also a lot of end user confusion with having dozens of “session” printers to choose from without being able to identify which printer is their own. Clients were prone to printing to the wrong session printer, or having to wait for extended periods of time for larger print jobs to arrive on their local printer from the cloud services. With some applications, this could result in application instability and even degrade the user experience when using a hosted cloud desktop. Dealing with print management issues had approximately taken up 20% to 30% of call volumes for the project management office.

The Evaluation

Upon determining that it was time to find a solution, the project management team tested a third-party print solution. They were dissatisfied with this other solution for two major reasons. First, their licensing mechanism for MSPs is cumbersome and time consuming. Ultimately, it would eventually lead to a poor end user experience as there are delays in adding additional users. Secondly, their customer service and technical support was not nearly the quality provided by Tricerat. It also helps that Tricerat has localized support, which not only benefits SC Systems, but also their clients.

The Solution

One of the project management team members had a successful and pleasant experience with Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers® at a previous job, and knew it would be a great solution for SC Systems. The support team at Tricerat happily helped on the initial install of ScrewDrivers. From there, SC Systems was able to customize the solution independently in a timely and effective manner. Some of their clients had complex environments which involved some configuration help from Tricerat, but beyond that they were up and running without any intervention at all. As they continue to roll out ScrewDrivers to clients, SC Systems has been able to work with Tricerat’s support team on creating specific builds to accommodate all of their clients’ environments. ScrewDrivers has benefited SC Systems and their clients by reducing 20-30% of their help desk calls, which were related to printing. In the end, it has allowed their clients to focus on their everyday tasks.

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