I have researched and tested several solutions and products. Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers mitigates the shortfalls of remote printing in our environment. I would recommend this solution to any users experiencing printing difficulties.”

-VP of Information Systems, RRJ


After installing ScrewDrivers, RRJ’s IT department found the universal print driver software solution needed minimal configuration, improved print speed and server performance, granted users access to required advanced print features, and the software worked seamlessly across their hybrid environment. By deploying ScrewDrivers, RRH eliminated printing as an obstacle to success. With an estimated time savings of 15 to 30 minutes a day for each of their 180+ employees, RRJ recouped savings upwards of $360,000 a year.

Industry: Insurance

Product: ScrewDrivers®


  • 3 Terminal servers
  • Hybrid environment with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft
  • Utilizes a customized, industry specific software application
  • 180+ employees
  • 8 office locations


  • Eliminated network bandwidth issues that arose from printing
  • Increased productivity through faster printing speeds
  • Made all advanced print features available to users
  • Simple installation with minimal configuration

About RRJ Insurance Group

RRJ Insurance Group is a privately owned and operated insurance brokerage located in Canada. The company provides valuable protection to their clients, offering home and auto insurance, commercial and business insurance, in addition to life and group benefits. RRJ has 8 offices and almost 200 employees spread throughout Canada, with some of the agency locations celebrating over 100 years in business. With a mix of full-time and part-time IT staff, the company’s Information Technology department oversees all information systems, telephones and networking for the offices. Because of the vital and long-lasting nature of insurance, hard copies are of great importance to agents and clients and directly effects the bottom line.

The Situation

Going mobile gave RRJ employees the flexibility to work when and where their clients needed them, but it was not without its drawbacks. Printing common and critical documents, such as proposals, cover notes, and insurance policies, to local printers through a Remote Desktop Application became a challenge. Network bandwidth, mobile devices, multiple legacy computer systems and printer/copier hardware accumulated through office acquisitions made a perfect storm for complex printing problems. In this industry, any delay in printing directly results in a financial loss of productivity.

The Challenge

The company owns a diverse range of printer makes and models. This inherited equipment was without WHQL-certified drivers, was a mix of 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and had various client operating system drivers that may or may not work with the Server. Print jobs were routinely coming out illegible. In some cases, unsupported fonts would be substituted out, completely changing the formatting of the printed document and taking hours to reformat. Documents with graphics would be rendered on the Server into very large files, sometimes hundreds of MBs. These bloated print jobs would take an inordinate amount of time to print at the workstation and, in turn, hold up other just-as-important print jobs. These delays resulted in precious company time wasted and productivity lost.

The Evaluation

Printing proved to be a problem during the initial deployment of the RDS environment. During the first 12 months, the IT department began to assess numerous free solutions. Unfortunately, these free solutions came with more problems than they solved. Excess bandwidth consumption, print driver incapability and slow print speeds still plagued the environment. Windows XP workstations and non-Microsoft clients were not supported, PDFs were coming out garbled, and advanced print features like duplexing and paper tray assignments were still not available. None of these free solutions were a fit for this complex, hybrid environment.

The Solution

After over a year of lost productivity and multiple solutions that did not fix the printing problems, the IT department found Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers®, a universal print driver software solution. RRJ tested out the software on one of their three Terminal Servers to evaluate its performance. With its simple install process, ScrewDrivers was up and running quickly in their environment. The IT team found that the software’s “plug and play” default settings worked well for them, so minimal configuration was needed. And because of ScrewDriver’s patented printing technology, print speed and server performance were optimized, users had access to advanced print features, and the software worked seamlessly across their hybrid environment. With the pilot run of ScrewDrivers, the IT team saw that it provided the best solution by far. The software was deployed to the remaining servers, eliminating printing as an obstacle to success. With an estimated time savings of 15 to 30 minutes a day for each of their 180+ employees, RRJ recouped savings upwards of $360,000 a year. Agents can now easily print out paperwork in the field, finalizing important documents quicker and locking valuable insurance protections into place.

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