IT has a much easier time managing printers, changes take just a couple of minutes. Servers run a lot better without a ton of printer drivers installed, and there’s no Citrix UPD crashing all the time.

-IT Systems Manager, CUCS


Simplify Printing turned out to be a blue-sky scenario solution. The software took care of their immediate problems, and gave the IT department true enterprise print management capabilities. With Simplify Printing, CUCS is able to complete changes in a fraction of the previous time and the lowest tier support now handles all print management tasks. All Citrix UPD problems were eliminated from their environment, with all makes and models of printers are fully operational. Because of Tricerat’s ability to eliminate print drivers, server space is optimized and print driver management is a breeze.

Industry: Non-profit

Product: Simplify Printing

Environment: Citrix

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