“I would highly recommend this solution to companies that are experiencing challenges in VMware, RDS and Citrix environments. The results are immediate and customers/ users will be much happier.”

-Virtualization Engineer, Advance2000

Advance 2000 eliminates print issues for their customers, dramatically increasing end user satisfaction and decreasing overhead costs with ScrewDrivers.

Industry: Managed Services

Product: ScrewDrivers


  • 14 locations
  • 75 servers on average
  • Up to 2,500 users
  • Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware hybrid environments
  • 25 years in business


  • Control panel customizations
  • Service desk able to refocus on strategic initiatives rather than challenges in RDS, VMware, and Citrix environments
  • UX optimization through ease of printer identification
  • Streamlining patient document printing which resulted in faster turnaround times
  • Rapid ROI due to average 30 minute install and immediate benefits

About Advance2000

Advance2000 is a managed service provider founded by Brian Maouad in 1989. Maouad started the company with one major mission: helping small businesses with their computing. After landing Steve Job’s NeXT computer as its first customer, the company has since grown into solving major IT problems from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies alike, keeping its intended mission intact. Remaining to be a privately held company that employs hundreds, Advance2000 has successfully served the education, manufacturing, AEC, legal, healthcare, and government verticals for over 25 years. With accounts ranging from 10 to 2,500 users, the company happily aids a diverse set of environments.

The Situation

With such a diverse client base, customer’s environment types are typically hybrid with a healthy mix of Microsoft RDS, VMware, and Citrix deployments. Many customers developed a bad user experience with printing due to challenges such as unpredictable print spooler crashes and slow printing in their environments, resulting in a spike of support desk calls for Advance2000. Keeping their mission in mind, Advance2000 immediately began researching solutions that helped solve issues in their customer’s environments.

The Solution

After testing Tricerat’s ScrewDrivers and Cortado’s ThinPrint, the team at Advance2000 opted to stay with ScrewDrivers to solve their issues. While ThinPrint did work, the team found Tricerat’s solution to be more stable and performed better at the specific issues they needed to solve. After an install time of only about 30 minutes, the team reaped the benefits of ScrewDrivers immediately. While their customers found increased productivity and a great user experience due to features like customizable control panels, Advance2000 was able to save hundreds of hours in labor costs due to the decrease in support desk calls.

The Results

Advance2000 has had zero calls from their customer base since implementing ScrewDrivers. With an increase in customer satisfaction and a dramatic decrease in overhead costs, their team can confidently say that printing just works now.

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