VMware View: the Expanded Virtual Solution

Built upon VMware’s well-known VDI solution, View is comprised of a group of technologies that make up what VMware has dubbed a “universal client solution.”

To clarify, VDI is not being replaced by View, but is becoming a piece to a bigger picture. Let’s go over all the pieces separately to get a better idea of what View is all about.

Dissecting the Elements:

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure — Currently consists of the latest VDI version, Infrastructure 3, and VMware View Manager 3. Some of the main aspects that Infrastructure 3 provides are the ability to group servers together, centralize backup for virtual desktops, offer automated failover and recovery, and provide load balancing for desktop computing resources. View Manager is a desktop management solution that streamlines the deployment and management of virtual desktops.

View Composer — A new component that offers advanced image management for virtual desktops that allows you to manage hundreds of desktops from a single, master image.

ThinApp — Application virtualization software that separates applications from operating systems and puts them into segregated files, allowing you to run multiple versions of applications on a single desktop.

Offline Desktop (for Experimental Use) — Complete virtual desktops can now move from the datacenter and physical machine with unharmed security policies, allowing end users to access their desktop when not connected to the network.

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