User Profile Management

A user’s profile helps employees to be productive by providing a consistent desktop experience with personal customizations at their fingertips. A Windows profile is essentially an individual's personal settings on his or her workstation or desktop. From display settings such as wallpapers and screen savers to network and printer connections, the user profile is where all changes and modifications are customized and stored.

Roaming Profile Benefits

There are several advantages that system administrators can benefit from when creating individual profiles for employees.

  • No user’s profile is affected by another profile’s customization
  • Multiple users can work on the same computer each with their individual settings
  • User profiles can be saved on a central server for improved accessibility
  • Employee flexibility and satisfaction is increased

Profile management is essential if you would like to provide a controllable yet customizable user profile environment that eradicates profile corruption, eliminates roaming profiles, cleans user registries, reduces login and logout times, and provides consistent, high quality system performance.

IT Management Challenges

However, managing a profile environment comes with its own set of problems that must be addressed quickly and effectively. When using roaming profiles, the more mature a profile becomes, the bulkier and more problematic it is.

For example, a user’s profile works flawlessly for months, then one day the user logs in only to see a Citrix default user profile. All of the time dedicated by the user to fine-tune their remote profile has been lost. The remote applications the user relies on are now impossible to find, their settings erased, and all that’s left is the plain vanilla remote desktop. This is how a corrupt user profile will bring productivity to a grinding halt.

Some of the vulnerabilities and workflow obstacles you may encounter are:

  Sluggish logon/logoff times

  Large bandwidth resulting in slowed working time

  Corrupted profiles

  Time consuming policy scripting

  Tedious registry edits

  Support calls from frustrated end users

Profile Management Solutions

Tricerat's profile management solutions make it easy to ensure the efficient and scalable organization of user profiles while preventing costly and frustrating profile problems.

Simplify Profiles® Offers Complete Profile Management

Simplify Profiles gives system administrators complete control of user profiles without the need for roaming profiles to eliminate corrupted and bloated profiles and improve server stability by decreasing erratic application behavior. Using a drag and drop interface, Simplify Profiles® lets you choose the specific profile elements that are saved, providing granular control of user profiles to avoid the profile corruption that can lead to crashed workstations. The results are a secure profile system that enhances your system’s overall performance and ultimately improves employee productivity.

Learn more about Simplify Profiles.