Universal Print Drivers

Printing problems may seem small, but they can quickly have a much larger impact on the entire business. Consider this: if your top salesperson is late for her important meeting because the printer is lagging, or your customer is growing increasingly frustrated waiting on the necessary paperwork to print, it's easy to see how a simple printing issue can escalate into a much bigger problem.

Printing Problems Cause Business Problems

The culprits behind many network printing problems are native print drivers. Managing print drivers can be a time-consuming and tedious process. If print drivers are managed incorrectly or become corrupt, print jobs can simply come to a halt, causing a loss of productivity throughout the office.

Universal Print Drivers Offer an Alternative Solution

Universal print drivers offer a way to escape common network printing issues. Though there are always exceptions, universal print drivers typically work with most operating systems, clients, and servers. In a server based computing environment, universal print drivers offer the easiest, most effective way to manage printing tasks across the network.

Using universal print drivers has many advantages:

  • Printing functionality issues are resolved: Employing a universal print driver means that any print option that is available locally is also available remotely. End users can continue to enjoy a robust printing experience from any location.
  • Minimized bandwidth use: Are your intra-office applications always competing for bandwidth on the network? A universal print driver compresses print files, reducing bandwidth utilization and network performance issues while increasing printing speed.
  • Reduced strain on IT: Printing-related problems are some of the most common issues that IT department handles. Making use of driverless printing minimizes service calls and help desk costs.

Tricerat's ScrewDrivers Makes Driverless Printing Easy

Depending on your business requirements and system complexity, the correct solution may be hard to find. The out-of-box solution from Microsoft or Citrix isn't meant for complex environments. Tricerat's adaptive printing capabilities allow you to solve printing issues in the widest range of environments, along with the knowledgeable and friendly support you would expect.