Slow Login Times

Are users in your organization dealing with slow login times? If so, the below information will help inform you on common reasons for slow logins and offer solutions to fix and prevent these problems.

Productivity Killer Number One: The Slow Login

Sure, if your users wait (and wait) to login to their computers, they may end up getting frustrated. But is it really that big of a problem? Consider this: your users might complain about the time it takes to login in the morning and you may be tempted to put the issue on the back burner and attend to more 'important' tasks. But when you consider what five minutes of time lost every morning for every employee may equate to for every day of the foreseeable future, it becomes clear how slow logins can affect the company's bottom line.

Let's take a closer look at common causes of slow logins and explore how to resolve them.

Slow Logins Caused by User Profile Problems
One common cause for slow logins can be traced to the user profile. Users may suffer from slow login times as a result of a profile bloated with a variety of work-related computer tweaks—if your users have extensive photo collections or like to keep their entire iTunes library on their computers, they may see slow logins. Also, long-time employees with roaming profiles are likely to experience slow logins due to the fact that their profile is overburdened with years of data.

Thankfully, Tricerat offers an effective and affordable way to better manage profiles and eliminate slow login times with Simplify Profiles