When comparing SBC to VDI, one major consideration should be economics. SBC offers a more economical near-term solution, but both technologies provide excellent long-term value. Tricerat’s eye toward integration and simplification led to the creation of Simplify Suite, a product that economically manages both environments.


As a technology company involved in the industry for over a decade, we’re often asked, “What about server based computing (SBC) versus virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)?” In this situation, like many others, the answer lies in looking at what works best in the near term versus what lies in the future. In many cases, economic value is the decisive factor.

Server-Based Computing: A Near Term Economic Solution

SBC provides an economical, near term solution. Why? One word: longevity. SBC has been a recognized computing model since the early nineties, allowing time for the industry to mature and the vendors to become established. Adoption of the technology is widespread, making access to support options easy and low- or no-cost.

VDI: A Solid Long Term Future

Compared to SBC, VDI is a new technology that hasn’t yet been fully established. VDI is currently available from large companies that are well known in the industry. The technology case for VDI has been solidified as an exciting and valid option, but its near term economic case remains uncertain, especially in the current economic environment. The longer-term economic case, however, seems similar to that of SBC; as the technology and the industry continue to mature, businesses will realize the cost and time savings associated with VDI.

Tricerat’s Simplify Suite Supports SBC, VDI and More

SBC and VDI provide stable computing environments. So which one does Tricerat support? Both. We can foresee appropriate uses for either technology and have approached the issue with an eye toward integration and simplification. Tricerat’s Simplify Suite economically simplifies management of SBC, VDI, or even traditional workstations.