Registry Cleaner Software

A registry cleaner or registry cleaning software tool can help speed up and optimize the performance of your computer.  For system administrators who may be responsible for thousands of users, a few minutes here and there can really add up to increased organizational productivity.

Why Worry About Keeping Your Windows Registry Clean?

The registry is at the heart of your Windows-based machine, containing critical information related to user profiles, currently and previously installed hardware and software, and computer settings.  Every time you install or uninstall a program, change your application settings, or if malware affects your computer, a change is noted in your computer's registry.  This means that over time, the registry of your Windows-based machine can easily get filled up with information that is redundant, unnecessary, or unwanted. 

How to Clean Your Windows Registry: Consider Registry Cleaning Software

Cleaning out a registry manually is a potentially dangerous option, because changes made to a computer's registry can render a computer unusable if not done correctly.  With hundreds of thousands of different registry keys and settings to manage, manually combing through the registry and making tweaks would be tedious and extremely time consuming.

Registry cleaning software typically provides a user with an option to backup the registry before running the program so that the computer can be restored to its previous state if need be.  After the backup is complete, the registry cleaning software automates the registry cleaning process by automatically searching for and identifying registry entries that are likely to be invalid, in addition to seeking out broken registry links and references to missing files.  It then resolves the broken links and missing files and automatically handles the invalid files that were found.

The Benefits of a Clean Registry

A clean registry offers a number of benefits.  Simply stated, clean registries improve the speed of computer startup, performance, and shutdown. For example, if there are invalid registry items referenced during startup, the startup process may hang until a protocol timeout occurs.  Additionally, registry entries that have been tainted by viruses and malware can continue to cause damage if they are not completely removed. 

Simplify Profiles Offers Registry Benefits and More

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