RDS Scanning Management

Looking for Hassle-Free Remote Desktop Services Scanning?

Much like remote desktop services printing, remote desktop services (RDS) scanning—also known as terminal services scanning—can present a variety of challenges. From incompatible scanner drivers and unsupported applications to undetected scanners and expensive software upgrades, there is no shortage of speed bumps along the road to successful scanning. When time is money, scanning issues can throw a wrench in an otherwise productive business, meaning employee frustrations rise, productivity plummets, and your already busy IT staff are taxed even more.

Scanning Problem Workarounds Often Create Bigger Issues

Some businesses have developed workarounds to common RDS scanning problems—like scanning a document to a local machine, placing a copy of it onto the server, and working with it from there. While this sort of temporary workaround may solve the immediate problem, it often leads to a host of other issues. Workarounds turn what should be a seamless event into a time-consuming multi-step process and prevent users from taking advantage of the specialized scanning support functionality built into their application—things like document management software, negative/slide scanning, and more.

Create a Single Point of Compatibility with triCerat’s Scanect™ Software

For an easy, hassle-free scanning experience that will save your business time, frustration and money, consider Tricerat’s Simplify Scanning software, the latest in remote scanning technology. Simplify Scanning helps you to effectively manage your entire RDS (or terminal server) scanning environment on one platform.

Simplify Scanning makes use of a universal "virtual" driver that is added onto your ICA/RDS connection; this virtual driver gathers information on all local scanners, identifies each scanner's capabilities—like supported paper sizes, if an automatic document feed is available, resolution, etc. - and then forwards this information to be virtualized on the server or direct to the virtual desktop. As a result, Simplify Scanning is able to serve as the single point of compatibility for the scanners, the server, and the end users, whether you’re in a remote desktop services or workstation environment.

Learn More About Why Simplify Scanning Should be Your Remote Desktop Services Scanning Solution

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