Print Management Software

Whether applications are delivered via Terminal Services, Citrix XenApp, VDI, or traditional Windows Workstations, businesses must be able to print reliably and consistently. Network printing problems are the primary concern administrators face when implementing user application environments, hence the need for print management software and a simple remote printing solution.

There are many possible pitfalls to network printing and remote access printing environments. The OS, application, user, and printing device must all work together to produce an optimal amount of physical output. The configuration and management of a print server, printers, and print process in a Microsoft Windows workstation environment is a complex task. In addition, remote access printing in a server-based computing (Microsoft Terminal Server, Citrix Metaframe/Presentation Server, Ericom WebConnect) environment can host a number of additional problems.

RDP Remote Printing Solutions

Keeping up to date with the changes printer manufacturers implement to their print drivers is near impossible. The most effective way to solve this remote printer problem is to replace the manufacturers' printer drivers with a software component that reads the printer profile directly from the remote printer itself. By reading the client print driver, our print management software can replicate and copy all of the printer's capabilities.

Tricerat's remote access printing software virtually eliminates all of the network printing hassles you might face with a printer driver-based solution. Tricerat's printer management software is easy to implement and will save administrators tremendous amounts of time and resources.

Accessing Windows Workstations Remotely to Print Locally

ScrewDrivers for Windows Workstations and RDP is a remote printing solution for those using Microsoft Remote Desktop to log on to a remote Windows workstation, and would like to use a local printer. There is a ScrewDrivers™ client to install on the local client machine, and a ScrewDrivers™ Server that it installed on the XP Workstation being logged on to. When the user logs on to the XP Workstation, ScrewDrivers™ will query each local print driver on the client machine. ScrewDrivers™ then creates virtual printers on the XP workstation that the user has set up.

Citrix and Terminal Services Printing

The most effective approach for solving the Citrix printing problem is the installation of a third party universal print driver. ScrewDrivers eliminates the printing problems associated with server-based computing. The protocol diagnostic technology was designed specifically for a multi-user client server environment, increasing reliability and decreasing overall resource usage on your Terminal Servers. Once you install ScrewDrivers, print management challenges will no longer have you on a leash.

Network and Print Server Printing

The complex task of sorting out network printing conflicts and remote access printing configuration problems is beyond the scope of application delivery platforms. Fundamentally, the existing print server model does not fully allow for full, or even partial use, of some remote printer capabilities.

Simplify Printing is a print management software solution for managing network printing that includes ScrewDrivers for remote access printing to local printers, as well as a remote printing solution with dedicated print server support.

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